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Target audiences on youtube and online?

April 30, 2009

There would be a view that world wide the people interacting with online media are of a very youthful demographic. This story gives an interesting and surprising report of the age profile of online video viewership. The article also goes on to show how one citizen journalist was able to use youtube viewer data to show people his target audiences to gain permition to video. This is an interesting insight into who is watching video online, but more interestingly, how important it is vital to come up with an online media model which can accurately moniter the viewers and can successfully target them.


Youtube’s online domination of video?

April 30, 2009

If the online environment is the way forward, then media organisations are currently losing the battle for online viewership. Despite the attempts by media organisations, both print and televisual to allow users to access video content online youtube is still by far the most powerful acter when it comes to video online. Media organisations, particularly news organisations are struggling to gain users attension online compared to the wide range of content available on youtube. Here is a run down of recently released figures for video viewership online in the United States which shows youtube’s dominance.

Comment approval systems on blogs:

March 23, 2009

One way in which blogs and online media seek to include readers, and hope to introduce interactivity is through enabling users to comment. There is however the two sides to this argument. On one hand there is the approach on a site such as Youtube where the users comment area is a veritable free for all, with a system of reporting offencive comments and of rating comments, essentially resulting in the users themselves being the main and often only possible way of controling the quality of comments.

Recently I was looking at blogs on the The Irish Times where those leaving comments are required to enter an e-mail address along with their comment which presumably is only disclosed to the blog's moderater. The blogs comments on these blogs are only approved upon viewing by the blog's author. There are a number of problems with this, but a massive problem is that many users repeat the same points and can't interact with each other, as in many cases their comments take hours to be approved, so it is difficult for users to address eachother's points.