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Instant twitter?

April 30, 2009

Here on a post written by a fellow student there is an interesting observation about twitter. It points out how twitter may be instant, but it may not have the depth of coverage that online news junky’s have come to expect. 140 characters is all the twitter messages allow for, but this may grow old very quickly. Twitter’s instant news may match its instant rise to popularity, but will the brevity of its 140 characters mirror the brevity of its popularity?


CNN on twitter

April 16, 2009

Hereyou can read of how it is becoming increasingly impossible for large news organisations to ignore the popularity of breef news. CNNBRK which was an unofficial non CNN entity on twitter had gained so much popularity that CNN itself has decided to take over the its running.

This shows that even the largest news organisations have to embrace the public’s thirst for twitter and other social network based arrivals.