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The art of writing for online media

April 22, 2009

It is clear to most that conventional print media (newspapers and magazines) have not approached adapting their publications to the online environment in the best way possible. Here is a great article discussing how journalists need to adapt their articles from print media for the online environment and discussing the new art that is writing for the web. Some very interesting points are discussed and I think it is still reasonable to say that newspapers need to make a greater effort in making a print adition of the newspaper and an online adition of a newspaper that complement each other. Here on the Irish independent website you can see an example of a newspaper which I believe doesn't fully tackle making an interesting online version of the article. There are links in this article all leading to pages on the Irish Independent site which may or may not contain articles relevant to the one that you began reading or the link you clicked on. These links would serve to annoy potential readers more than aid the online experience. The article also does not allow readers comments, which means readers have no interaction with teh content/other readers/writer.