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Keeping tabs on the modern journalist’s productivity

April 22, 2009

The newspaper business has been trying to stream line and cut down on overheads in a very public fashion in the last 20 years or so, but here a blogger reports on an internal memmo sent by a newspaper requesting journalists to report on their days activities down to the smallist ddetail. This, according to the author of the memmo was to increase the productivity of journalists working in the paper.
Whether this blogger has reliable information or not is is one thing, but the post does throw up some interesting questions about the modern journalist.
30 years ago a newspaper editor sent out journalists physically to find story and could perhaps see their prodductivity more easily. However now with the amount of online work done, with remote journalists and with the advent of the Mojo or mobile journalist how will productivity be acounted for and is this crazy request by one editor a sign of a desparate industry trying to keep tabs on the supposedly overworked journalists that fuel the industry?


Choice over input?

March 10, 2009

There are many promises that go hand in hand with new media technologies,. One promise is an interactive media with the partisipation of the user.
Though this is popular to an extent in radio and television with phone in's and with audience comments by text and e-mail, there still seems to be a large proportion of audiences that prefer to have their content handed to them.

The popular support amung the masses seems to lie with choice of content. People want to choose what they take in, but more importantly, they want want to choose when and how they receive it.

This has lead to developments such as Sky Plus and similar advances in television.

The BBC has many options for Radio audiences, with podcasts and other content on their website such as their Music Week which is just one of many podcasts, which can be downloaded, with another full version available by live stream including all extra content, in this case all the songs played on the programme . All this live streaming is available through BBC's inovative I player. The BBC provides content in Podcast, Analog radio, digital Radio, Mobile stream, I player, and its many TV channels.

Newspapers are struggling to compete in the new meida environment, and up to recently have merely been using online platforms minimally, with the same content from the print aditions being dropped on the website.

It would seem that choice is the order of the day rather than increased interactivity or increased audience input. The choice of how content is received, and when content is received would appear to be more important than what is being received in the New Media environment.