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Keeping tabs on the modern journalist’s productivity

April 22, 2009

The newspaper business has been trying to stream line and cut down on overheads in a very public fashion in the last 20 years or so, but here a blogger reports on an internal memmo sent by a newspaper requesting journalists to report on their days activities down to the smallist ddetail. This, according to the author of the memmo was to increase the productivity of journalists working in the paper.
Whether this blogger has reliable information or not is is one thing, but the post does throw up some interesting questions about the modern journalist.
30 years ago a newspaper editor sent out journalists physically to find story and could perhaps see their prodductivity more easily. However now with the amount of online work done, with remote journalists and with the advent of the Mojo or mobile journalist how will productivity be acounted for and is this crazy request by one editor a sign of a desparate industry trying to keep tabs on the supposedly overworked journalists that fuel the industry?