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Code verification to plague internet users even further

February 19, 2009

In the care free days of 1990s World Wide Web things could only get better. Each year saw new developments and inovations which enticed more and more internet users to spend more and more time browsing the web.
However, recently something called “Captcha image validation” has been severely inhibbiting some internet users and creates great annoyance amung the rest.

Captcha image validation will be a familiar concept to anyone who has used social networking sites such as Myspace,BeboorFacebook. These internet users will be familiar with the process of typing the letters and numbers they see in an image, aimed at preventing automated programmes for infiltrating the sites. However now it is not just users of Social Networking sites who will have to contend with these code verifications, many blogs now require code verification to add comments, and even Google has added code verification to randomly appear for those using its search engin. The developments are particularly worrying for anyone with a visual impairment, as many of these sites using Captcha image validation do not allow for an alternative method. Is this a sign of things to come on the great digital platform of the internet. If it comes to a stage where one has to fill in one of these verification codes for most pages on the internet, will they be pining, full of nostalgia for the days when our entertainment, information and education was all based around the virus free environs of the Newspaper, Television, Radio and Library.